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    Current Location:Home>About Us>Introduction


      Established in 1996, 'POPULA' is headquartered in Nanhai District, Foshan Cityin South China. It is a modern enterprise center for environmental ventilation equipment, which has been specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of fans and blowers. It has now become the major production base for general fans with the most complete product series in the same domestic industry.


    With an area of more than 115,000 square meters including 65,000 square meters for standard workshops, it has professional laser and digital-controlled devices of machining, metal forming, stamping, cutting, riveting, balancing etc. Along with the application of CAD & CAXA design system and MGS & CAT auto testing system, it has many advanced production lines and owns testing centers for Fan Aerodynamic Performance and Motor Performance.


    It has cultivated a number of skilled personnel with an outstanding marketing team by cooperating with many tertiary institutions for technology research and personnel training. By attaching special importance to quality, brand and technical innovation, and constructing under international standard, it has laid a solid foundation for product R & D and quality control. With perfect sales network, it continues to focus on customer requirements and implement large-scale strategy to develop domestic and international market. Nowadays, with products exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, our company gains recognition from many other countries.


    POPULA has become director unit and member among many associations in fan industry. It has got ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certificate, CCC, CE、QS and SASO Certificate for some products. Meanwhile, it has owned a number of innovation and patents for utility model. Since 2008, it works on the drafting of the three national standards.


    POPULA has earned the titles of 'Guangdong Famous Trademark', 'Guangdong High Tech Private Enterprise', 'High Quality China Supplier' & 'Registered Supplier of Euro Info Center'. Besides, our products have won the award of 'China's Top 10 Brand of Fan Quality', 'China's Top 500 Quality', 'Customer Satisfaction Product', 'China Fluid Machinery Exhibition' & '2009 China Annual Award of Manufacturing Industry'. In 2011, POPULA has been identified as 'Chinese Well-known Trademark'.


    For many years, we has been taking the 'Pursuit of excellent quality with great efforts' as our core concept and been launching the brand strategy, which guarantees stable quality products, moderate price and efficient service. With the principles of 'Honesty First, Innovation Pragmatic, Management Strengthened and Position Utmost', we are committed to creating a dynamic and competitive century enterprise. Depending on our pragmatic attitude and sincerely cooperation with overseas investors, we believe we'll create a better future for mutual benefits. 

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