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      Company Vision


      Development strategy

      Our development strategy is to develop a Large-scale enterprise that is people-oriented and market-oriented, to put technology and management innovation as a driving force. To improve and strengthen quality and cost management, to integrate, upgrade and optimize the traditional production process. Moreover, we committed to exploring foreign markets, developing related fan products, and continuously improving our core competitiveness.

      Our Principles: Honesty first, Innovation Pragmatic, Management Strengthened and Position Utmost

      Our Core Concept: pursuit of excellent quality with great efforts

      Our Spirit: unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovation

      Our Development model: professional development, scale production, systematic management, market globalization, fine work, humanistic culture.

      Our Objective: Using scientific methods and advanced management ideas to upgrade the overall management level.

      Our expectation: become a first-class enterprise in the environmental world.