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      Industry Trends

      117th Canton Fair

       During April 15th-19th, 2015, Popula Fan attends the 117th Canton Fair with our popular Misting Air Cooler and Ventilation Fans.

      Again, we offer over 120 pieces of Misting Air Coolers for cooling of every main entrance of Canton Fair. They attract most of the attentions of the buyers.

      Different time, same enthusiasm to Popula Misting Air Coolers.

      1. Popula Fan on Central Platform of Canton Fair

      2. Guests Like to Take Photos with Popula Fans Very Much

      3. Guests Like to Take Photos with Popula Fans Very Much 2

      4. The guest in read is one of our distributors. He devotes himself to our products. On the fair, he keeps helping to introduce our products to other guests

      5. A Popular Booth

      6. CPP Booth Specially Offered by Canton Fair on Skybridge